Our studio was professionally designed from the ground up to maximize both comfort and acoustics at every stage of music production. We are obsessed with sonics and our control room is one of the most acoustically accurate mixing environments in the Midwest.

We are a hybrid studio which means the signal path includes both analogue and digital gear. This "best-of-both-worlds" approach is found in world-famous studios such as Abbey Road and for good reason! The unparalleled sound of real hardware preamps, compressors, EQ, and reverb alongside the surgical precision of computer-based editing means you don't have to compromise on your artistic vision.



A producer's job is to inspire creativity and help the artist create and capture the best possible version of their art while providing guidance and creative direction throughout the entire process.

"My approach to song production is like painting with Bob Ross. I help you choose the colors, brushes, and teach you the techniques needed to transform your artistic vision into a physical work of art ready to be shared with the world."


- Tim Waters (Lead Engineer/Producer)

Our talented staff can also double as studio musicians upon request. No drummer? No problem. No band? No problem! We can provide professionally performed drums, guitar, bass, piano and even orchestral arrangements recorded right here in our studio. And because every session booked in our studio includes a dedicated engineer, this service often comes at no additional cost to you!



Your music deserves the clarity and depth that only an experienced mix engineer can provide. Whether you recorded here or in another studio, we will take the time to properly mix your music right here in our studio.

Mixing rates are based on the hourly studio rate so overall cost will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project. Contact us for details and and estimated cost.



Mastering is the final round of processing before your song or record is sent out for distribution. Here we correct balance issues typically found in the low end, and apply appropriate amounts of EQ, and compression to "sweeten" and bring your song(s) to commercial volume while preserving the dynamics.

After a song is mastered you can expect a refined sound that translates better to a variety of listening environments. The goal is to bring forward the message of the songs as clearly, and effectively as possible, without losing any charm or character associated with the original mixes.

You worked hard on your record and we will work just as hard to see it through to the finish. Our mastering rates are affordable and we stand behind the quality of all our work. Contact us today about mastering your project.



Call or Text: (614) 636-0068

Email: info@radiocityrecords.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

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